Annotated Bibliography ABC News

Annotated Bibliography
ABC News, “Six more countries eliminate ‘scourge of landmines,” last modified December 12, 2012,
ABC’s news article reports on the six countries that decided to eliminate the risks of landmines. The countries include Jordan, Congo, Denmark, Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Uganda. The countries had publicly announced the mine areas to be risky areas that could be used as weapons. They announced in the meeting at Geneva during the evaluation of the progress of the Ottawa convention.
The commitment to eradicate the land mines is useful in supporting the international initiative to ban landmines. The article also identifies a US delegation present in the conference that announced their progress in eliminating the landmines. Most importantly, the article summarized some of the statistics of landmines casualties in the last year. The landmines had caused 4300 deaths.
In addition, it stated that three countries who were signatories had violated the treaty including Ukraine, Belarus and Greece. The information in ABC’ s report is important in forming proper arguments in my research on humanitarian and human rights violations in the society today.

Amnesty International, “The Arms Trade Treaty, Second Amendment and the NRA: Separating lies from the facts,” last modified 2012,
Amnesty International’s issue provides a comprehensive discussion of trade treaty and the second amendment. It explains how negotiation undertaken between the U.S government and the global community in terms of regulating international trade in weapons. This provides a critical insight in understanding the direction of human rights in the society.
Most importantly, the issue brief would provide a proper definition on the propose UN treaty to create common standards for the imports, exports and movements of weapons and arms. The source would also explain the efforts made by NRA to regulate the legalization of arms in the society. NRA collected 51 signatures among the senators to warn on the dangers of the proposed Arms trade treaty. The U.S senate has the power to ratify the treaty on the arms.
The ratification of the treaty would mean the protection of the society against possible crimes, which makes important reservations on human rights across the world. Therefore, the issue brief by Amnesty International offers useful information on human rights by preventing the legalization of arms in the society.

Dolgov, Roman. Landmines in Russia and the former Soviet Union: A lethal epidemic .Medicine & Global Survival 7, no.1 (2001): 38-42, last modified 2001,
Dolgov’s article provides narration of the epidemic that occurred in the landmines in Russia. It summarizes how unresolved political conflicts has caused the ongoing conflicts lead to the adverse mine crisis in the area. These would offer relevant information in understanding the causes of the conflicts that leads to human rights violations.
Dolgiv suggests that political will is the only potential solutions that could reduce the conflicts in the mine region. Thus, the politicians should engage in dialogue to resolve their differences in a long-term process. After some political talks in 1997, the article identifies there were not violations and conflicts reported for a while.
The article recognizes political differences as the main causes of the partisan conflicts that lead to open war that uses the mines as weapon. Therefore, the source is useful in understanding the impacts of political activities in human rights violations in the society.

Human Rights Watch, “Syria/Turkey: Landmines kill civilians fleeing Kobani,” last modified December 2, 2014,
The Human Right watch’s article identifies the increased deaths of civilians in landmines in the border of Syria. These incidences have lead to many people fleeing the Kobani area. The article proposes that the Turkish government should take immediate actions to prevent the further deaths and protect its citizens.
The Turkish government should clear all mines on its sold to enhance the safety of its people. The fighting in the border shows the insensitivity of the Turkish government towards human life. The Human right watch article indicates that Turkey has refused to allow the entry of livestock of the refuges. Thus, hundreds of refugees are still present in the mean regions that pose high risks of deaths.
The human rights watch’s source is useful in understanding the human rights violations taking place in the Syria/Turkey borders. The Syrian refugees have been fleeing the Kobani area to avoid the risks of the landmines. The information would reliable in the research project to provide some current examples of human rights violations.

Moreira Salles, Joaquim, “The United States pledges to give up landmines, just not everywhere,”last modified September 23, 2014,
Salles’ article summarizes information on the United States government to eradicate any dangerous landmines in the country. The government would destroy any anti personnel landmines, which was some good gesture towards humanitarian responsibility. Since, the landmines are major risks on the lives of people surrounding the mines region.
The article also indicates the Ottawa Convention was created in 1997 by 162 countries. In spite of all, the United States did not sign the agreements. The U.S decided to eliminate any landmines. However, the U.S stated that it would not eradicate the landmines in the Korean Peninsula. The landmines remain to be the only barrier for the United States complying with the Ottawa Convention.
The elimination of the APLs is an important set in the international humanitarian objectives. Since, the landmines are reported to causes deaths of close to 20,000 people annually. Therefore, the Salles’ article would provide detailed information on the nature of the landmines in the United States and its adverse effects on humanitarian efforts.