Current Trends in Higher Education

Questions:Preamble Institutions of higher education everywhere in the world is constantly changing in pursue of quality, recognition and progression to become world class higher education provider. Today, higher education in many countries offers significant improvement and challenges to all stakeholders in higher education. TASK: Conduct a case study in a higher educational institution (college/university) of your choice on ONE specific issue in higher education that is currently felt or implemented as a result of progressive improvement that all institutions aspire to pursue. Your choice of institution can be any higher institutions in your country ranging from our work place to any institutions of higher learning (i.e universities (public and private); college; polytechnics; matriculation centres; etc.) You are required to conduct INTERVIEWS with any stakeholders of the institutions (the administrators, management team, lecturers, supporting staff and students) about the issues or challenges that particular institution is facing and how the institution is coping with the changes or trends in higher education. It will be better if you could narrow your research to just FOCUSING on ONE type of stakeholder ( senior management/administrators; or fellow academicians, or just the learners) and attaining rich perspectives on the issue. Your objective is to attain in-depth knowledge and information on the issue selected for this assignment. The interviews should be varied (individual, or focus group) to seek the views pertaining to the implementation of the initiative an its utility and effectiveness. Number of respondents are not important, but the RICHNESS and QUALITY of data should be your FOCUS. TRANSCRIBE the INTERVIEWS and this should provide the FINDINGS of the study. Reference to the transcripts should also be made where necessary in the paper. This study should focus on the following aspects: 1. The change initiative and its impact on higher institution, and wider context; 2. Particular issues, and concerns pertaining to the trend in focus and its impact on the stakeholders of higher institutions; 3. The implementation and effectiveness of the responsive change, improvement or trend in discussion. 4. The critical factors for the sustainability of the initiative or particular trend in higher education; 5. The ethical considerations used in the initiative. RUBRICS: a) INTRODUCTION: The introduction previews the structure and objectives of the paper are clearly explained. Important concepts are clearly explained. It is interesting to read. b) DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Describes in detail the process and rationale on respondent’s selection and the interview conducted. A variety of interviews conducted well. Complete interview transcript included. c) DISCUSSION ON THE PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION O THE CHANGE INITIATIVE: A detailed discussion on the planning and implementation of the change initiative. The discussion is deemed above expectation with reference to theories. d) DISCUSSION ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CHANGE INITIATIVE: A detailed discussion on the effectiveness on the change initiative is presented. The discussion is deemed above expectation. e) DISCUSSION ON THE CRITICAL FACTORS FOR THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THE INITIATIVE: A detailed and critical discussion on the factors for the sustainability of the initiative. The critical factors are relevant and very well discussed. f) ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS: The paper presents very clearly discussed ethical considerations. g) CONCLUSION: The conclusion is STRONG. It ties up THREE ASPECTS above. Well THOUGHT and SUMMARIZED. h) ORGANIZATION: Details are placed in a logical order and presented effectively. The paper is interesting and clearly exceeds the expected standards in this doctoral work.