Part I (Individual Work) I chose the piece of artwork attached

Part I (Individual Work)
Select a work that portrays aggression.
Any medium, any period. Take a photo of the work.
Write a before, present and after story about the group that is portrayed in the work.
This should be a descriptive story with as much detail as possible!
A few prompts follow:
What happened before those in the work/image/piece met or got together?
What were they (or each one) thinking and feeling before this moment?
What’s happening now? Who’s doing what? Where are they and why?
What are they (or each one) thinking and feeling?
What does the future hold for them? What will happen to them?
Write a one to two page story using 12 pt type, 1″ margins.

Part I (Individual Work)
I chose the piece of artwork attached. The piece of artwork depicts a picture showing a woman and two men reflecting a situation of aggression. Before the instance happened, a woman was engaging in a sexual affair with young man Based on the picture, the young man seems more build up and was carrying a bow and arrow that appears scattered in the floor when they caught. It seems that the woman was engaging in an infidelity affair without the husband’s knowledge. However, the husband was lucky enough to catch them on the act.
Both the woman and the young man were feeling some sexual attraction towards each other and thought the husband would not catch them. For instance, the woman was well aware that the husband had travelled somewhere far. Thus, they felt they had adequate time to enjoy themselves before he comes back. However, they were caught in the act and the husband is weeping the young man in the floor of the room they were caught. The man seems to be the husband of the woman who is next to him pleading for the young man. The husband is more agitated by the actions of the young man. Normally, it is not expected that the young men should engage in sexual affairs with married women. It is an immoral behavior in the society. As a result, the man is punishing the young to warn him on repeating the same mistake.
The woman is terrified that his husband might injury or kill the young man. On the other hand, the man wants to punish the young man severely to serve as a warning. The young man is ashamed and terrified for the worst. The future of their marriage relationships is hanging on a balance. The man might decide to divorce her wife, since infidelity is a serious concern in marriages.