Research Methods Assignment

Research Methods Assignment•Element 1: ResearchSkills Portfolio •Produce a research proposal in an area of interest to you, that you yourself would deliver describing:
Why the research is important

Theresearch questionsyou want to address

Thecontext of the research

Themethodology you would use to address the research questions

Anyethical questionsrelated to the research and how you would address them

• •Element 2: Writtenassignmentquestions•Choose one of the below
1. It is crucial for qualitative research to be reliable and valid that the appropriate sampling methodology is used. Please can you compare and contrast the main different approaches to sampling used in qualitative research.

2.Critically evaluate the role of randomised controlled trials as a method of evaluating the effectiveness of public policy interventions.

3.Assess the challenges in ensuring that qualitative research is both valid and reliable.

4.Outline the circumstances where it is desirable to combine quantitative and qualitative research methodologies alongside the challenges combining these two approaches brings.

5.Discuss the extent to which the existence of the Hawthorne effect fundamentally undermines the validity of social science research.

6.Discuss the challenges in establishing ‘causality’ in social science research.