SE 433/333 Software Testing & Quality Assurance

SE 433/333 Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Autumn Quarter 2011
Final Project: Test Implementation and Coverage Measurement
Due Date
November 22, 2011, 11:59pm (in class and on-line students)
The objective of this project is to implement the test specification designed in Lab
#2 and measure the line and branch coverage of the test suite. Enhance the test
suite and improve the coverage to adequately test the Golf Tournament Report
implementation provided to reveal as many defects as you can. Report the defects
revealed by your test suite.
You may revise and refine the initial test plan and specification you submitted for
Lab #2. The updated test plan and specification should reflect the test
implementation actually being carried out in the final project.
Files and Documents Provided
This lab exercise is a continuation of Lab #2. The specification of the program to be
tested is the same as Lab #2.
For this lab exercise, you are given a software requirements specification (SRS) of a
software system to be tested and an implementation of the system.
All files are available in the COL under Document section
1. Requirements Specification: Golf Tournament Report SRS.pdf
2. Implementation: GolfImpl.jar, which includes the following
a. Source code:
b. Two sample input files:
Input-2007Buick.txt, Input-2009BMW.txt
1. The complete test suite package, which includes
• Updated test plan and specification.
• The source code of your test suite implemented in JUnit.
• The Ant script (build.xml).
• The input files used by your test cases and any other auxiliary files that are
necessary to execute your test suite.
2. The test reports generated by JUnit
3. The final coverage report (in HTML) generated by Cobertura. (You need to
include the entire folder containing the HTML report).
4. A summary of all the failures revealed by your test suite. For each failure, does
your test case offer any indication of the nature and location of the defect that
caused the failure? If so, describe the defect.
5. Discussion:
• Whether your test suite is adequate?
• Is your test suite effective in finding defects? Is it cost-effective?
• What further improvements can be made to the test suite?
All files must be in one of the following formats
• Plain text, including source code and scripts.
• Microsoft Word and Excel
The entire deliverable set must be packaged in a single archive file using one of
the following formats
• TAR and GZIP (GNU zip)